Welcome to … A Writer’s Den

cropped-201109191115261ykca.jpgI have always been fascinated by the amazing range of routines and rituals so many writers employ as part of their writing day together with their choice of a working environment.

One of my literary heroes is the late great ROALD DAHL.

PKT3044-2082851979Roald Dahl.
He wrote … My work routine is very simple. And it’s always been the same, for the last forty-five years. I go out to my writing hut at ten o’clock in the morning, and I stop at twelve. In the afternoon, I return for another two hour session from four to six. I have a comfortable chair, I’ve got a writing desk. It’s got on it dark green billiard cloth which is very soft on the eyes. I put a roll of corrugated paper under it so that it’s exactly at the right angle. I have an old leather trunk, filled with blocks of wood, to put my feet on. Once you’re in here, you can lose yourself in your work. It is my little nest, my womb.

Welcome to A Writer’s Den



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