Iain Banks … in his own words.

Iain Banks (1954-2013)

Iain Banks

Iain Banks was a best-selling Scottish author.
His first novel The Wasp Factory was published in 1984 and he averaged about a book a year until his untimely death from cancer in June 2013. By his death he had published 26 novels. His twenty-seventh novel The Quarry was published posthumously.
Ian has had an asteroid named after him (5099) Iainbanks. It has a size of 3.8 miles and takes 3.94 years to orbit the sun.

Iain Banks - study
He followed a fairly set routine spending betweeen three to six months planning a new book, then working a normal eight-hour day, five days a week writing. He said … “but in practice, if I wake up at 4am thinking about the book then I get up and start writing. Which is good because then I can finish my allocation of words for the day by breakfast and have the day off.” His daily allocation was about 2500 words.

He worked in his study and in a piece for The Book Show on Sky he showed us around and told us some interesting things about his daily routine.


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  2. What a splendid chap! Taken too soon.

  3. Hello PorterGirl Lucy. Lovely to see you back. Did you have a nice break ?Watkins says hi.

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