Go on … Mess up my desk why don’t you!

qq1sgMessyDeskRecent research has shown that people with messy desks  tend to think more clearly and be more creative.

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This is a photograph of my writing desk taken at the beginning of this year. It is a tad cluttered I admit but I like to think the shelves show an organisational flair. There have been a couple of changes. I sold the reindeer at a car boot sale a few weeks ago. He was pretty much hacked off about it at the time but I’m told he is  happy enough in his new home and is now best friends with a German Shepherd. Also … it turns out that the two knights on either end of the top shelf were actually a pair of book-ends so they’ve gone off on some quest for books or suchlike.

NutsI fully intend to tell you something about my writing habits in the fullness of time. It will be a long and painful process for all of us and we may end up in therapy … but it can’t be helped I’m afraid. As a mere taster I will tell you that I always (always) use a BIC Cristal Medium pen when I’m writing … and I have to use each one until it runs out.

Albert Einstein in his officeFamous thinkers and writers such as Albert Einstein (pictured left) and Roald Dahl have been notorious for their untidy desks.
A cluttered desk can actually lead people towards clearer and more creative thinking according to some recent research from Germany. The researchers found that people could actually think more clearly when all around was chaos as they sought to simplify the tasks at hand. Visual and mental clutter forces us to focus and think more clearly. Disorderly desks seem to inspire breaking free of tradition.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl


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