I am not procrastinating … I am moving very fast!!

HeavenHere’s that tree again. It’s one I could very easily sit under and do nothing. I could say I was waiting for inspiration … pen in hand. But that would be less than honest. I got to thinking (deeply) about it and far from doing nothing … I’m moving very fast.


Ok … so here’s how I see it.

The Earth is spinning around at a speed of about 1000 mph. Already I’m moving impressively fast so I could just leave it at that and go and have a relax in my deckchair  …


No … I’ll continue. The Earth is orbiting the Sun and is travelling along at a very nifty 66,000 mph. Now ( yes I am just getting into my stride here) the Sun is also ambling along at a very steady 43,000 mph in the Milky Way, our Galaxy.
Yes well … it would wouldn’t it!
And our Galaxy is spinning at 453,000 mph and it is also moving outwards (whatever the hell that means) at 1,300,000 mph. ALSO … some very clever science types think there is an area of space called The Great Attractor which is pulling our galaxy towards it at 14 million mph. And they said that motion sickness was dead. I think not. So don’t tell me I’m sitting here doing nothing. I am in fact extremely busy moving …

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