Francoise Sagan …

Francoise Sagan (1935 – 2004)


Francoise Sagan

The French author Francoise Sagan became a sensation at 18 for writing “Bonjour Tristesse,” her mega-selling novel of a rich teenager’s treachery toward her father’s mistress. In August 1953, the bored and bohemian author, having flunked out of the Sorbonne, secluded herself in her room and typed out 200 pages that made her a celebrity for the next half-century.  tumblr_n82xd3hbG51s6e7bko1_500 In a 1956 interview for the Paris Review she described her writing routine – For Bonjour tristesse all I started with was the idea of a character, the girl, but nothing really came of it until my pen was in hand. I have to start to write to have ideas. I wrote Bonjour tristesse in two or three months, working two or three hours a day. Un Certain sourire was different. I made a number of little notes and then thought about the book for two years. When I started writing, again two hours a day, it went very fast. When you make a decision to write according to a set schedule and really stick to it, you find yourself writing very fast. At least I do.


References: Paris Review – The Art of Fiction, No. 15, Francoise Sagan

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