Margaret Drabble …

MargaretDrabbleMargaret Drabble, born 1939, is an English novelist, biographer and critic. Her work includes A Summer Bird-Cage (1963), The Millstone  (1965), The Witch of Exmoor (1996), The Red Queen (2004) and The Pure Gold Baby (2013).


Margaret Drabble pictured in her London flat (1974).

Margaret was interviewed by the Paris Review in 1978. She then wrote her books in a room in Bloomsbury.

” I used to work in the evenings when the children were small, but now I work in the morning. I can’t write the whole day long. I have a room where I go because I can’t work at home – the telephone and other distractions. I start work about quarter to ten and work through till lunchtime. Sometimes I work in the afternoon. If a book is going reasonably well, I write terribly fast. And I don’t rewrite very much either. I really just rattle along. I think that this is because I’ve always been short of time. I’ve always been saving up the time to work so that by the time I actually get to the typewriter I usually have a very good idea of what I’ve got to get through. It’s all there waiting. “

She was also interviewed in 2007 for the Guardian’s series called Writers Rooms.


I work best in the mornings. I hate being interruupted and need to think I’ve got some clear hours ahead, even if I haven’t. After six o’clock, I’ve had it.”


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