Anthony Horowitz … Bacon in Clerkenwell;


Anthony Horowitz (born 1955) is a prolific English novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. His work for children and teenagers includes The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series and The Power of Five series. His work for adults includes the novel and play Mindgame (2001), two Sherlock Holmes novels, The House of Silk (2011) and Moriarty (2014) . He is also the latest author chosen to write a James Bond novel by the Ian Fleming Estate. He has also written extensively for television, contributing numerous scripts to ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Midsomer Murders. He was the creator and principal writer of ITV series Foyle’s War, Collision and Injustice.


Author Anthony Horowitz. Photo: Martin Pope

Anthony Horowitz and his family live in a converted bacon warehouse in Clerkenwell, central London. He generally works in an office on the top floor.

My den, perched high over the city, gives me a panoramic view of London which inspires me … I can actually stand on the roof and see the British Telecom Tower and all the way up to Regent’s Park. When I was young, I used to write in cemeteries – I always found them the quietest places to work. Now I generally work indoors, either upstairs or at my living room desk. I’m probably happiest with a fountain pen, a pad of paper, my desk and my view.


Pictured in his home at Clerkenwell, central London.

Anthony has this to say about a typical working day …

I normally start very early, about 7.30 am, and spend seven or eight hours writing, seven days a week. If I don’t write, I can’t sleep. This human skull (see picture above) was given to me by my mother for my 13th birthday, and it sits on my desk staring back at me, reminding me to get on with my work because time is so short.

He admits that the strangest thing he’s ever done when researching a novel was climbing into a car crusher and asking for it to be started up …



Interview by Anna Metcalfe for the Financial Times (2011)                              Interview by The Clerkenwell Post (2013)                                                             Interview by York Membery for Daily Mail (2014)


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