Wendy Holden … and her hut for all seasons


Wendy Holden

Number One bestselling author Wendy Holden has written ten consecutive Sunday Times Top Ten bestsellers. A former journalist on the Sunday Times, Tatler and the Mail on Sunday, she contributes to a range of publications and is a TV and radio regular. Her work has been described by The Times as being … “Up there with the best of Jilly Cooper.”  Yorkshire born Wendy lives with her husband and two children in Derbyshire.


Wendy Holden in her Writing Hut. Photo: Derby Evening Telegraph

Wendy has talked about her routine and favourite place to write on her website.

MY FAVOURITE TIME OF DAY to write is in the early morning, as the mist lifts from the valley, the sun bursts through the clouds and the sound of birdsong fills the air. Well, sort of. I write during the hours when my children are at school, which seems to be for about half an hour, it goes so quickly. But the secret of writing is doing it every day, rather than for long periods every now and then, so it suits me in a way.
My favourite place to write is in the hut in my garden. It’s a small, green-painted wooden summer house with a pink phone and no heating apart from an ancient plug-in radiator. There’s no internet connection either. But I love it, even if, in winter, I arrive to find the water in my Evian bottle has frozen! It has a chaise longue, a sofa, a bead-fringed lampshade and fairy lights all round the walls.
There’s a turntable and lots of LPs and the wooden walls are crammed with prints and paintings. I’ve even managed to squeeze a desk and computer in there as well. The French windows open on to a deck, where I drink cocktails with my husband in the summer (after work, obviously). We stand on the deck looking out across the valley below, or back at the summer house with its pretty lights. It’s the perfect place to write, not to mention drink.

I can just picture Wendy and her husband sitting on the deck on a warm summer evening sipping cocktails. As Pa Larkin might have observed: ” Perfick! “

Click here to view Wendy’s website

A Winter Palace. Photo: By kind permission of Wendy Holden.

A Winter Palace.
Photo: By kind permission of Wendy Holden.

A Summer Place. Photo: By kind permission of Wendy Holden

A Summer Place. Photo: By kind permission of Wendy Holden

Wendy Holden was also one of the featured authors in an edition of The Book Show on Sky Arts 1. Click on the YouTube link to see her showing viewers around her workplace.


Sky Arts Book Show featuring Wendy Holden.  Credit: Andy Humphreys


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  1. Interesting blog found it by chance and decided to follow great work and great reading.

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