Bic Biro … secret agent (Part 1)


The name’s Biro, Bic Biro … licensed to write.

Bic Biro worked for the stationery department at MI6. His job was dangerous and deadly. He had many enemies. Bic was constantly pitting his biro wits against a ruthless organisation known as … BLOT. Its agents were just about everywhere spreading terror and mayhem. After several assignments he was awarded MI6’s highest grade for biro field-operatives … 

Biro07  (Licensed to write)



But Bic’s ink was running out. There was a price on his head and things were about to get ugly.


Bic was on his way home after a hot date with a very amorous papermate called Wendy when suddenly a shot rang out …

Argh! I've been hit!

Argh! I’ve been hit!

 A crowd of anxious onlookers gathered around Bic’s almost lifeless body. A passing doctor knelt down at his side. Bic Biro was clearly not in a good way.

Doc, I can't feel my legs!

Doc, I can’t feel my legs!

Try not to worry, son. It’s just a flesh wound. They can perform miracles with plastic surgery these days. You’ll soon be as good as new and writing again in no time …

  • Will Bic live to write another day ?
  • Is the doctor just a complete imbecile ?
  • Can I stretch this to a 3-parter ?

All this and much less in the next thrilling episode!


7 responses to “Bic Biro … secret agent (Part 1)

  1. Tell me more!!!! 😁

  2. Poor Bic. He’s in a very bad way.

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