Bic Biro … secret agent (Part 3)


Last time we left our intrepid but slightly pissed-off hero, Bic Biro (codename: Biro07) about to look at himself in the mirror for the first time since he last looked at himself in the mirror …


WHAT THE ****!!!


We’ve given you a body transplant, Bic. The complete works!

****!!! ****!!!

You’re better than ever, Bic. You’re a bionic biro!

!!! ??? !!!

You will now be able to write in 4 colours. At the click of a button you select the colour you want – blue, black, red or green.  You’ve got 2 to 3 kilometres writing length per tube. And … you are now refillable!


Yes … Quality ink, quick drying and smooth writing. Opaque blue barrel: medium point 1mm – line width 0.4mm. 

I’ll be almost unbeatable!

You’re the ultimate ballpoint, Bic. Tungsten carbide ball, perfect sphere and resistant to anything the agents of BLOT can throw at you.

I  don’t know how to thank you, Doc.

Just get back out there and give ’em hell, Bic.

Sure thing, Doc. Time for me to get back on the job.



COMING SOON … Bic is going need all his colours when he comes up against BLOT’s best agent, the sexy but deadly … PEN FATALE.



5 responses to “Bic Biro … secret agent (Part 3)

  1. Great ending. I love those 4 ink pens!

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