Desk thoughts from abroad …



 My previous post was about author and historian Eric Hobsbawm.

Several readers have since commented on the many piles of papers adorning Mr Hobsbawm’s desk. And I just couldn’t let it go!


A work desk is a garbage can with drawers. 

(Peter Grier)


It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.

 (Michio Kaku)


 If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the sign of a clean desk ?

(Laurence T. Peter)


 Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket.

(Robert Orben)


 Here is another desk which may give you nightmares so, if you are of a nervous disposition, please look away now …

Copy of Imgp1563

Sorry folks … this was my desk and yes that is a reindeer at the bottom right-hand corner. Since this picture was taken we have rented a villa on the Greek island of Corfu. The desk has gone. The reindeer has been released back into the wild. I am now using a writing board.


 Happy trails to you, until we meet again …


8 responses to “Desk thoughts from abroad …

  1. I’ll just keep my desk pictures to myself. I’m ashamed for anyone to see them! ~Elle

  2. Thanks Elle. It’s the quality of your writing that counts and yours is top notch. All the very best. Kris

  3. Loved the cartoons! My husband often asks how I find anything. I told him to read my first book – the answer is there. Your desk is actually much neater than mine. Hmm….I may have to go organize today!

  4. I have either lost my desk or am unable to get a path to it/see over the mountain that is blocking it. I’m sitting on the couch writing. I write best in the middle of the night – That said I have exactly 0 books published or written. I guess I’ll work it out after college/child graduates/the afterlife.

    • I know. It’s far from being easy finding a good place or time. You are young and have oodles of time. I tend to wake up at night with good ideas and tip-toe downstairs to jot them down. I generally sit outside to write … think I’d fall asleep on the couch! As for your desk … lob a stick of dynamite at it
      and stand well back. All the very best and thank you so much for dropping by.

  5. My desk is always a terribly messy place. I find the mess reassuring and it means I am busy with something, which is a good thing. When my husband cleans it up without my approval because he can no longer stand the sight, I go into a panic because I can’t find anything when it is all organised! I think spending time organizing would mean that my life has become so boring that I am looking for senseless things to do, but that’s just me

    • Hi. Thank you so much for your comment.You are so right.After all … one person’s mess is another person’s organised blog.One solution re. your husband … find something of his that needs cleaning (shed,garage,car engine,wallet) and your problem will melt away like the early morning mist. All the very best.

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