Bic Biro … A View to a Quill (Part 4)

A View to a Quill 



Starring Bic Biro

Bic Biro 4 colour

 Last time we left our hero strapped helplessly to a table underneath a Death Pen Laser …


Le Quille, one of BLOT’s most evil and terrifying overlords, looks on as Bic is about to meet a particularly gruesome end. The Death Pen Laser is set to slice him into a thousand tiny pieces.


  Now that’s what I call a Death Pen Laser! 

Sadly, I can’t stay and watch you writhing in horrible agony as my Death Pen Laser puts an end to your meddlesome interference once and for all. I have other fish to fry. 

OK then. Not to worry. Enjoy the fish. 

Er … Are you not going to beg me for mercy ? 

Not a chance! 

You are very brave, Mr Biro. BLOT could really use a pen like you.

I do hope you’re not suggesting that you want me to become an agent for BLOT ?

No, Mr Biro. I want you to die!

OK … Fair enough. Bye.


Le Quille left the room. Bic closed his eyes and waited for the Death Pen laser to do its worst. He’d had a good life. Now his luck had run out. It had to happen at some stage. The time was now. The writing was on the wall. His ink was about to cease to flow. 


He heard a voice. It was the voice of an angel calling out to him.

Are you going to lie there all day then ?




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