The Olivetti Chronicles


Best known for his four decades of radio broadcasting as a DJ with the BBC, John Peel, champion of The Fall, was also a prolific music journalist who wrote articles, columns and reviews for newspapers and magazines as diverse as The Listener, Oz, Sounds, the Observer, the Independent, and the Radio Times, and all done on his beloved Olivetti typewriter.

A compilation of these articles, appropriately entitled The Olivetti Chronicles, was published posthumously in 2008 (sadly John died of a heart attack in 2004).

I was so intrigued I bought the book (a hard cover edition) and had it shipped over from England.


In an introduction to the book, Peel’s son, William Ravenscroft, writes:

“Dad, a sentimental man, insisted on using an OLIVETTI typewriter to write the majority of the articles contained in this book, despite the fact that it was so ancient that he could rarely find ink for it. As…

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