The Writing Ritual

This is another wonderful post from Andrew’s View of the Week.
It really is a great insight into the writing routine of a fellow blogger. I personally would love to hear about the routines & rituals of other bloggers. Speak.



Andrew's View of the Week

Let me tell you why I didn’t write for my blog last week – the printer ran out of toner.

Yup, that’s it, no toner, no printing, no writing.

I am sure you’re aware that all writers have little habits and rituals they do when they write. Sometimes these rituals are so powerful that a writer just can’t write unless the writing rules are followed.  Now you’re wondering, what are Andrew’s blog writing habits and rituals?

My blog is written on Sunday afternoons just after tea time.

After tea I sit in front of my computer and start the creative procrastination.  You know, read my email, check in on Facebook, adjust my chair, open the window, pet the cat, reread my last blog post and read the news headlines just in case there is something important that I might write about.  I never write about anyone of those things, but…

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  1. Glad you liked the post!

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