BOND versus BIRO … a verdict is announced

BOND versus BIRO … a verdict is announced

Well, the Greeks have had their referendum result and hopefully everything will be soon be sorted out. And now there is just the small matter of announcing your verdict concerning JAMES BOND & BIC BIRO.

Who do you think has the greatest sex-appeal ?


Bic Biro received THREE VOTES


James Bond received ZERO VOTES

After 6 recounts I hereby declare Bic Biro the winner.

I telephoned Bic with the news on set at Pinewood Studios where he is currently filming Rollerball. As well  as thanking his loyal fans for their overwhelming show of support, he also added …

This is a victory, not just for me, but for biros everywhere.

 James Bond himself  had this to say when informed of the result …

Bic Biro is one of my all-time heroes. Coming second to him is a singular honour. 


8 responses to “BOND versus BIRO … a verdict is announced

  1. So much fun. I voted for Bic and I’m glad I did.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay the better man sorry pen won☺

  3. Nice to see James gratious in defeat though.

  4. I suppose they are both on the side. All the best. 🔧

  5. Hurrah! I knew Bic would be triumphant! And how magnanimous of Bond. I guess he knew he just couldn’t compete.

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