Don’t fail to have a Writing Routine …

Don’t fail to have a Writing Routine

I’m doing some research into the writing habits of the wildly prolific American author, James Patterson. He is to be the subject of an upcoming post on Routine Matters. I just want to share a couple of snippets in advance with you. 


 Get into a writing routine. The trick is making writing into a daily habit. Same time. Same place. Same hot beverage of choice. Every. Single. Day. Again. And. Again. 

James Patterson


Do you have a writing routine ? Do you agree or disagree with James Patterson about having a writing routine ?  I’d really value your comments about this. All the very best. Kris.


7 responses to “Don’t fail to have a Writing Routine …

  1. I think a writing routine is really important, personally. I don’t write every single day, I tend to have ‘thinking’ days and ‘writing days’. But everyday I am working on my thing in one way or another. Except Friday nights. Those are reserved for wine and, hopefully, a ncie steak.

  2. So … do you write in a special place ? Pencil, pen. Laptop ?
    Any writing rituals ? ( I know we may well be wandering into bowler hat territory here, but I am quite prepared to risk it). Also, Punchy Land …. is that you or somebody else. All the best. Kris.

  3. Exactly, it is about staying up again! Love that, Kris!

  4. I find writing routine to be very important. Sometimes it’s so important I write about how I write. This would be my latest on that subject. I always write at my desk on my iMac, normally on a Sunday afternoon and sometimes one week night.

  5. I agree. Now I have a great mental picture of you writing. Is this accompanied with any refreshment ?

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