James Patterson … the works!

James Patterson … the works!


James Patterson is the richest author in the world. His books have sold in excess of 320 million copies. He is the first person to sell more than 1 million ebooks. His notable works include The Alex Cross series, the Women’s Murder Club series, the Middle School series, the Michael Bennett series, the Maximum Ride series and the Private series.   


Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York in 1947. He graduated with an MA in English from Vanderbilt University. He quit his advertising job in 1996 to dedicate himself wholeheartedly into writing novels.


He holds the New York Times record and the Guinness World Record for selling the highest number of hard-cover titles by a single author. It is said that currently one in every 17 best-selling fictional works belongs to James Patterson. In recent years his novels have sold more copies than those of Stephen King,John Grisham and Dan Brown combined. 


Patterson works with a variety of co-authors, 0such as Maxine Paetro, Andrew Gross, Mark Sullivan, Ashwin Sanghi, Michael Ledwidge, and Peter De Jonge and has often said that collaborating with others brings new and interesting ideas to his stories. Of his process, he says “he is simply more proficient at dreaming up plots than crafting sentence after sentence.” He has been criticized for not actually writing many of the novels under his name, and for being more of a brand that focuses on making money than an artist who focuses on his craft. Whatever he does … it works very well.


 So, how does the writing-dynamo that is James Patterson go about plying his trade routine-wise ?  Well, in a nutshell …

‘Get into a writing routine. The trick is making writing into a daily habit. Same time. Same place. Same hot beverage of choice. Every. Single. Day. Again. And. Again.’  (James Patterson)


James Patterson’s Office at his home in Palm Beach.

In a 2014 interview for the Daily Beast he was asked to describe his morning routine. 

I pretty much write seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. I’ll get up around 5:30, put my house in order, write a little bit, maybe an outline for that day. Then I’ll go out around 7, frequently walk a golf course for an hour by myself. Then I’ll come back and write until, oh, 11 or 12. 

I write in pencil, for one thing. I don’t use a computer. That’s the craziest thing. I’m sitting here looking at three or four things on my desk, all written in pencil, and I have an assistant who will type up pages, or I’ll dictate over the phone. I drink a fair amount of orange soda. I find myself chewing bubble gum at least once a day. I was chewing just before we began to speak, in fact! I never get writer’s block, because I always have a good dozen projects that I’m working on, so if something isn’t working I’ll just switch gears.



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2 responses to “James Patterson … the works!

  1. The man is a writing machine!

  2. He certainly is that. 😀

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