Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 2)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 2)

If you missed part one … here it is


Fluffy the KittenProductions







It was getting late when Bic Biro, MI6’s finest, arrived at Wong’s Chinese takeaway. An oriental gentleman stood behind the counter eating a bowl of chop suey. He looked up as Bic walked in.


Sorry. The Chef has just finished for the night. I am about to lock up.

Mr Wong I presume. 

Yes. I am Wong.

Well Mr Wong. I would like to talk to you about an organisation called BLOT. 


BLOT ? Never heard of them.

Well let me try and jog your memory. BLOT have stolen an atomic bomb and they are threatening to launch it at a major city in the United Kingdom unless they receive 20 billion pounds and Anne Widecombe’s phone number. 

But I thought it was Kate Upton’s … Oh bugger!

Ah ha! 

Damn! Now I’m going to have to do the honourable thing and commit ritual suicide.

Yes, but before you do I need to know why BLOT wants to destroy Liverpool. 

Surely you mean London. Damn! Oh I am so ashamed of myself.
My ancestors are going to be so pissed off with me.


So all I now need to know is the exact location of the rocket launching site.




Then I have no option but to use the special MI6  interrogation technique known as Guessing Torture on you. Is the rocket launching site in … Cricklewood ?


Berlin ? Paris ? Budapest ? Amsterdam ? Oslo ? Moscow ? 
Oz ? Oompa Loompa Land ? Neverland ? Thailand ?

Look I do have a ritual suicide to arrange. I mean, they don’t just arrange themselves you know. So wouldn’t it save time if I just told you!

Well. Ok. If you absolutely insist.

The rocket base is located at … 



9 responses to “Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 2)

  1. Hahaaaaa the blot thickens😂

  2. Indeed it does my fine fellow.

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  4. That really is lovely. Words and Music. Body and Soul. So gentle, moving and inspired. Glad BB helped. All the very best.

  5. Mr Wong is a fanciful looking fellow. A great shame he has to commit suicide as I was hoping for some sweet & sour balls. Also this is probably the best story ever.

    • Ah. The ritual suicide may well involve cutting those particular items off.
      There is a very nice little Italian restaurant over the road. Very nice meatballs on the menu so I’m told. Also … Wong may choose to eat himself to death. Those in the Chinese food trade refer to this as Suey-cide.

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