Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 3)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 3)


Fluffy the Kitten presents





Mr Wong is about to tell Bic Biro the location of BLOT’s top-secret rocket base. 


The rocket base is located at …  

Almost before the words left his lips there was the sound of gunfire and Wong slumped forward into his bowl of chop suey. Outside, a motorcycle carrying a BLOT assassin sped away into the night.


Wong was still alive but only just. He was leaking ink badly. Bic cradled Wong in his arms. He was a hard and ruthless agent and he saw death everyday. But it was never easy. Death was never easy. 

Er … OK. Now where were we ? Ah,yes. You were about to divulge the location of BLOT’s top-secret rocket base.


Wong grimaced in pain.


It’s OK Wong.Try not to talk. Er … no. On second thoughts … TALK!!! 

The sweat ran down Wing’s tortured face.

OK … tell you what. Write it down. You must have a little bit of ink left, surely.

Wong summoned up any remaining strength he had left and painfully scrawled some letters and numbers on the back of a menu. And then his ink ran out. Bic had a hunch that they were some form of map coordinates.  

He noticed something Wong had been clutching in his left hand. It was a small piece of paper from out of a fortune cookie. Bic smiled a wry smile when he read what it said.


Bic made a quick phone call.

Hello Control. Biro07 here. A clean-up is needed at Wong’s takeaway. He’s … off the menu.

Then Bic Biro walked out into the night.


5 responses to “Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 3)

  1. 😃 Your stories are really unique, Kris!
    The post showed up on your blog for me. But I don’t know if it shows up on the reader.

  2. Thanks Erika. I think some emails are just slow in delivery. Glad you got it.
    All the best.

  3. Genius – as ever! And absolutely love – ‘…He’s off the menu’ *super swoon*

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