Judith Barrow … author

Judith Barrow … author


Author Judith Barrow grew up in a small village in Saddleworth, at the foot of the Pennines in North-West England, UK. In 1978 she moved with her husband, David, and their three children to Pembrokeshire in West Wales, where she is a creative writing tutor.

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Judith’s books , Pattern of Shadows, Changing Patterns and the newly released Living in the Shadows, trace the journey of a family, from a Lancashire POW camp through to the 1960s. She is currently writing the the prequel to the Pattern series, Foreshadowing.


My standing brief on Routine Matters is to write about the various routines and rituals that writers employ when plying their trade. And so Judith very kindly told me all about hers.

My routine? Well, I’ve always got up around half five in the morning, so it’s a nettle tea and down to writing. I make myself wait until at least seven before I go onto social media because, once I start reading messages/blogs/ post I’m hopeless; i can be on an hour. If it’s a day when I’m taking a class or a workshop, I don’t write again until evening. If it’s a day at home I write again then until the shout of domestic trivia gets too loud to ignore. I’m not a good sleeper so I have been known to write all night if I’m on a roll. (good thing I have a patient husband!). Place I write? I’ve been lucky enough to have a room we made into a study. The window looks across to Saundersfoot in the distance (we live in Pembrokeshire) and overt a couple of gardens to the village where I’m guilty of people watching. 


I usually write on the PC (unless I have an idea in the night – then it’s on the notebook on the bedside table). No quirks, no superstitions. Except I do need silence when I write – so door and windows closed – sometimes also the blinds so I can’t see down to the village. I’m easily distracted so need that discipline. Hmm – and, until I wrote this down, I thought I was fairly routine. Well, suppose I am in my own way!

Judith’s website

 Judith’s Blog

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6 responses to “Judith Barrow … author

  1. Always an interest to see how writers do their thing!

  2. That was an interesting insight into another author’s habits.

  3. Reblogged this on Barrow Blogs: and commented:
    Grateful to Kris for letting me take part in Routine Matters

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  5. I enjoyed reading about your writing habits Judith.It sounds like your office is in a great position for inspiration too! 🙂

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