Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 5)


Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 5)

Warning: This episode may contain traces of nuts.

Bic Biro now has his latest mission. He is to proceed with utmost haste to La Isla el Blotto, a small island off the coast of Spain, owned by the evil billionaire Alphonso Ferraro. Once there he must locate the secret rocket launching site and disarm the atomic bomb currently aimed at London.


Bic Biro found his old car parked in the street just outside MI6’s headquarters. There wasn’t a moment to be lost. Every second counted if he was to save London.


He drove at breakneck speed through the busy streets and made his way to the airport where a military jet was waiting for him on the main runway.


Less than an hour later Bic Biro, pride of MI6’s stationery department, was floating down at the end of his parachute  towards La Isla el Blotto. 


The moonlit shores of the island rushed up to meet him and he was down. He looked around. Under a palm tree sat a beautiful pink lady-pen sipping a cocktail. She was absolutely gorgeous. Bic went over to talk to her. 


Hi. What’s that you’re drinking ?

Sex on the beach.

Well I’m certainly game if you are!

No silly. That’s the name of my cocktail.

My name is Bic Biro. You’ve probably heard of me.

Can’t say that I have. I’m Lush. Penny Lush.

Yes, you certainly are!

I’m Alphonso Ferraro’s girlfriend.

That’s interesting. I’d quite like to meet him.

Bic suddenly felt the ground shake as another figure joined them. He was enormous and built like a tank.


This is BIG KNIB. He’s my bodyguard. BIG KNIB, this is Bic Biro. He just dropped in here by parachute and says he wants to have sex with me.

Bic had a strange feeling that things were about to get interesting …


2 responses to “Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 5)

  1. Awesome kris. Ian Fleming could’ve learnt alot from bic’s adventures😉

  2. If only! I have a strange feeling that one of us would have been sued.
    Bic and Bond do have things in common. Viva Bic. Viva Bond. Viva wafflemethis!

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