The Heart of the Matter …

The Heart of the Matter …


Bernard Malamud 1914-1986

The highly successful American author Bernard Malamud was well aware that self-disipline and effective use of  time  were central to his craft.

There are enormously talented people around but the problem is getting organized to use your talents. A lot of people lose it, they just lose it. Life starts turning somersaults over your back and the next thing you know you’re confronting things that seem to you more important than getting organized to do your writing. And if you can’t get organized, then you can kiss your talent goodbye. It happens in so many cases, it’s almost a loss, as though you have a field of flowers and were never able to collect them. 

(Bernard Malamud, interviewed by Mary Long. Mademoiselle. August 1976)




3 responses to “The Heart of the Matter …

  1. We all are blessed with talents and skills – for a reason! Using them is a sign of gratitude to the one who gifted us.

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