My Back Pages … # 1

My Back Pages … # 1


Routine Matters has been going for just over 2 years now.

So just once a week My Back Pages will feature one of the early posts. Just in case you were wondering – the guy in the picture is a young Bob Dylan. He wrote a wonderful song way back in 1964 called My Back Pages. So, to kick things off …


My Back Pages … # 1, from August 2013, features a subject that is just never going to go away … PROCRASTINATION. So just you click on the link and have a good read. Take it all in. Then you should definitely press LIKE. After that you should get everything off your chest by leaving a lengthy COMMENT. Take your time over this. Think about it. Finally … give a REBLOG some very very serious consideration. You know it makes sense. 



2 responses to “My Back Pages … # 1

  1. Procrastination – very funny – More Bic Biro when you get round to him Please and when are we going to hear about his French Counterpart, N. de Plume?

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