Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 7)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 7)

Last time we left our hero in the clutches of evil billionaire, Alphonso Ferrari on his island fortress off the coast of Spain.

Yours will be the hand that pushes the launch button. You BIC BIRO will be the pen that destroys London. Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!


The whole control room was filled with Ferraro’s maniacal laughter.

Oh for God’s sake. Get a grip! You are a disgrace to biro-kind.

Sorry. It’s just that you crack me up!

Bic Biro glanced over towards BIG KNIB

Your boss has got a screw loose if you ask me. Nut job.

BIG KNIB immediately went over and grabbed hold of him.

Not too rough BIG KNIB. We still want Mr Biro fit to … SET THINGS OFF for us. Show him the ROCKET LAUNCH BUTTON!


It’s lovely. Thanks for showing me but I really must be going.

But forgive me Mr Biro. I’m completely forgetting my manners.  Allow me to offer you some light refreshment before you destroy London for me. 

BIG KNIB pushed him towards another part of the control room.

What kind of fiendish device is this you devilish swine!


It’s just a vending machine. Help yourself. I’m not completely heartless you know. Keep a close eye on him Big Knib. We don’t want our guest stealing all the crisps.

Bic felt his already vice-like grip tighten on him as he pressed for some COFFEE. 

Hmmm, very nice. Hot and strong. Just the way I like it.  Fancy a sip ?

Bic suddenly threw the entire contents of the coffee cup into BIG KNIB’s face. BIG KNIB howled in pain. Bic seized his opportunity and was able to pull himself free. He spotted something on the other side of the room and ran towards it …




2 responses to “Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 7)

  1. This is great – the way it reads like a corny radio-play is fun – it reminds me of radio in the ’70’s.

  2. I enjoy writing it as well. Exercises the old grey matter. I was brought up on the Navy Lark and Round the Horne. So glad you’re finding it fun. Bic says Hi. All the best. Kris.

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