Don’t Get Distracted by Lilian Oake

Excellent advice. I also like the post title very much as ironically … I was distracted by Lilian Oakes. 😎👏

Joshua Robertson

Starting a book is easy, but finishing? That’s the great battle. With so many things out there that are demanding our attention – i.e. Work, friends, social media, those little goblin-type people called “kids” – it’s difficult to find the time to get your ideas on paper – not to mention, the drive. Every writer knows and has experienced a failing drive to write. Writer’s block is an idea murderer but with true determination and some confidence, it can be overcome.
Fifteen years of writing has forced me to endure many derailing distractions and I’d like to go ahead and list my clever escape methods from a few of them.

Distraction 1: Technology. Texting, Twitter, Facebook, email.

Method of Escape 1: Put your phone on silent and don’t log into any social media accounts. If you don’t hear the notification ping, you don’t know there’s anything to “check.” Simple.


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