Anthony Browne … Gorilla in the Midst

Anthony Browne … Gorilla in the Midst


Anthony Browne in his studio.

Anthony Browne is a British writer and illustrator of children’s books, primarily picture books, with nearly forty titles to his name. For his lasting contribution as a children’s illustrator he won the international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2000, the highest recognition available to creators of children’s books. From 2009 to 2011 he was Children’s Laureate. His books include Gorilla (1983), Willy the Wimp (1984), The Tunnel (1989), and Changes (1990)


Anthony Browne’s studio. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

In an interview with The Guardian he spoke about the studio at his home in Kent :

This is my wonderfully light-filled studio, the conservatory at the back of my house in Kent. It’s where I do all my illustration work – the words can come to me anywhere. I work fairly normal office hours, starting at 9.30am and usually finishing late afternoon/early evening. Although I have two good Anglepoise lights, I much prefer to work by daylight.

Most of the day I work standing up, as I once read somewhere that it’s the best position for the back. The laptop I use mostly to play music as I work – an eclectic mixture of jazz, classical and pop. I’m impressed by the way some illustrators develop their images on computers, but it’s too late for me to start and I’m still in love with paper and paint and pencils.


Anthony Browne’s Website



2 responses to “Anthony Browne … Gorilla in the Midst

  1. I go with him regarding standing as much as possible during working.

  2. Hi Erika. Thanks for dropping by.Some writers do work standing up.I have given it a go myself but really prefer sitting at a desk or working on a sloped writing board. The wonderful thing for us all is that it really a case of each to his or her own. All the best. Kris.

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