A writer takes earnest measures …

A writer takes earnest measures …

Don Delillo

Don Delillo …


4 responses to “A writer takes earnest measures …

  1. Now – I must be doing solitude wrong because I never feel any squandering going along. I know – I shall get someone along to help me with it. That’ll do the trick 😉

  2. 🙌😀 I have mastered the art of squandering. If I were a ghost I could easily have squandered myself into non-existence by now. As for solitude … well … it stands on its own. Do you play music (listen to music, not play it) while you are writing ? Also … Do you now have a set writing routine and any special little rituals/habits ? keyboard or pen. Where do you write ?

  3. I can find all sorts of ways to squander. I tend to call it “looking for inspiration.” Though it is a lie.

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