The running tide

I think this a wonderful and bittersweet poem and very worthy of a wider audience.

Jane Dougherty Writes

For the third time, I am going to post this f**king poem! I might come back and edit expletives if it works. (painting’s of Miranda by Waterhouse & I’ve lost the link somewhere in the hoohah).


The tide is running high, my love,

The blossom’s almost done,

It falls without a sigh, my love,

Like mist dies in the sun.

The wind is blowing wild, my love,

It rattles the window pane,

It cries like a lost child, my love,

Her tears fall like the rain.

A child you’ll never know, my love,

For I could not make you stay,

You followed the high tide’s flow, my love,

And a ship took you away.

Our tears could fill the sea, my love,

Beneath this cruel sky,

For you’ll not come back to me, my love,

Though the tide is running high.

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2 responses to “The running tide

  1. It is a lovely thing.

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