I, Writer # 2 (Once upon a time … )


Last time you will remember I told you of my intention to take the plunge and become a full-time writer. I read somewhere quite recently that books apparently don’t write themselves. Well that little revelation hit me like a bloody express train I can tell you.


So, apart from the aforementioned pencil sharpener, I will definitely need some form of writing routine. When it comes to achieving my goal it is comforting to know that I have the accumulated wisdom and experience of countless successful writers, both past and present, at my disposal – a dash of Dahl and a touch of Tolstoy, a generous helping of Hemingway and a pinch of Potter. I will be in such grand company.


Note to self – read up about Dalton Trumbo

A couple of folk have already very kindly suggested that I merely pull my proverbial finger out and just get on with it. I suppose I could. But where’s the fun in that. I’ve waited this long. A while longer won’t hurt. This evening I stood on the balcony and watched the fireflies in the grass below. They are such a wonder and a great source of delight, made perfect with a cup of hot chocolate sprinkled with coconut in my hand.


Tomorrow, I am setting out on the little winding path that leads gently down through the woods to the road of full-timeness. Hey, I don’t expect you to hold my hand. If you must follow me then please do so discreetly at a respectful fifteen paces so you don’t freak me out.



7 responses to “I, Writer # 2 (Once upon a time … )

  1. Reblogged this on Woven Fray and commented:
    “Books don’t write themselves…”

    me: ⊙﹏⊙Well said, well said…

  2. Many thanks for this. Kris.

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  4. The hot chocolate with coconut sounds very nice indeed, I shall have to try that. I am dutifully following at a respectful distance, but shouting your name quite loudly and with vigor, so people know I am following a famous writer and am excited about it.

    • You really must try that hot chocolate with coconut. It is made even more heavenly by adding a shot of Malibu. The fireflies are optional. I am working on the fame bit. I think you will get there first as you are working hard as a true writer should. Thank you so much for your comments and support. I really do appreciate it.

      • I am absolutely going to try it – with Malibu and coconut. The fireflies are pretty, they can come along as long as they stay away from my hot chocolate. It is bloody hard work at times. I have just submitted the final final final (it had better be final) manuscript. Haven’t mentioned that anywhere online yet so you have an exclusive. I am a big fan of yours – I hope you get the success you deserve! *hugs*

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