I, Writer # 5

I, Writer # 5


I am currently travelling to Full-Timeness via bookwormhole.


How to describe the sensation ? Well, in the words of the late great Mr David Bowie – “I’m floating in the most peculiar way.” It is quite fun though and not in the least bit frightening.


The bookwormhole is lined with books. They look rather like bricks in a tunnel – but not. If it were lined with hedgehogs the journey would be very tiresome.

Also … I am not alone. There are the wonderful traces of travellers past drifting all around me.






This is completely wonderful and I want it to go on and on.  But time passes so quickly here. My journey ends abruptly and I come down to earth with a bump …


I am in a room. The room is full of books. Interesting.


2 responses to “I, Writer # 5

  1. I can see how the hedgehogs might have been a hindrance, adorable as they are. I like their noses. Anyway. It looks like you are in good company on your journey and I can’t wait to see what occurs in the book room…

  2. Ah yes, the book room. I can’t wait to find out myself. (Untrue as I am writing this after posting the next episode) But the roads to Full-timeness are many and various, as you yourself know only too well, Lucy. My goal is to get another agent although I will probably have to write something first. Then I will have a bestseller. Oh … and it must involve an award ceremony and a swanky dinner. All the very best.

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