I, Writer … # 8 (She’s stripping off again!)

‘I, Writer … # 8  (She’s stripping off again!)


I am having a pleasant chat with the lovely Optimism who is about to tell me our current whereabouts. (I once visited a cake shop and ordered a fruit bun. On closer inspection I noticed it contained a distinct lack of fruit. I thus enquired as to the whereabouts of the currants.) 


Please can you tell me where we are. 

Before I tell you precisely where we are, I would like to draw your attention to  that sign over there …


You mean the one that says Welcome to Procrastination. Please drive slowly.

Yes. That one. Ignore it.

How can I do that after you have just pointed it out to me?

Well … see that link marked … PRESS ME !

The one just underneath the sign you want me to ignore.

Yes. Don’t press it. If you press it then I will just have to strip off again …

Ah, I see. I am now caught somewhat on the horns of a dilemma. I hope you realise that.

You’re going to press it aren’t you ?

Of course I am. Here goes.




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