I, Writer … # 11

I, Writer … # 11





7 responses to “I, Writer … # 11

  1. I like that you name your pens. I hope Luna Three is doing a good job, it can certainly take a great photo is nothing else 😉

  2. Yes, the ink is my rocket fuel. When it is spent then hopefully I reach somewhere. I keep the empty biros is in an old tin …. my biro graveyard.
    Apart from BIC BIRO who is of course, immortal.

  3. Reblogged this on 1951 Club and commented:

    This is HOT from my other blog ROUTINE MATTERS. When I say hot, well I mean it’s suitably luke-warm. If you are not already following ROUTINE MATTERS then please do.

  4. Naming your pens – that’s a new one on me! Weird, but nice. I have so many pens, I’d have to number them and consult a list for the name!

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