Pencil me in …

Pencil me in …

Paper and Pencil_kindlephoto-194899750






9 responses to “Pencil me in …

  1. Very cool…. both quotes. The second one is very profound!

  2. It certainly is, Erika.

  3. I really like these quotes! My computer has saved the lives of many erasers! 🙂

  4. This is nice. No pencil can ever compare to the fabulous Bic Biro, however.

    • Also …. Bic comes in several colours. Quite a neat trick when you think about it!! It certainly impresses his lady friends.

      • My, that is impressive. There is literally no end to Bic’s skills. No more mention of his lady friends, thank you – I am prone to fits of jealousy 😉

      • Oh dear. Awkward silence … there is a post coming up called BIRO GIRLS.
        I had a quick chat with Bic who says that he regards you as qualifying for that status because you were actually mentioned in one of his stories.

      • Oh well – if I get to be a Biro Girl then I am happy! Since I was a small girl, it is all I have dreamed of. Thank Bic very much for me. If he needs any pictures of my large chest, just let me know.

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