My Sunday Poem … # 19

1951 Club

My Sunday Poem … # 19

Dingle, Tingle and Shingle


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4 responses to “My Sunday Poem … # 19

  1. I really like this! The irresistible rhythm reminds me of a little poem I wrote eons ago for my own little ones – it went like this:
    Danny the Dinosaur

    Danny the dinosaur
    Had a bad habit
    He loved to chew on a leaf.

    “So what?” you may say,
    But the trouble with that is
    That one of the pieces
    Would always get stuck ’tween his teeth!

    One day Danny
    Was not very happy
    So he decided to do something about it.

    He went for a walk
    And went into a shop
    Where they sold quite a lot
    And he bought a big box—of toothpicks!

    Now Danny is happy—
    He still has his habit
    But he wears a smile on his mouth.

    For when he chews on a leaf,
    And one little piece
    Gets stuck ’tween his teeth—
    He uses a toothpick to pick it right out!
    Happy writing! 😀

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