Penguins at Work

Here is an excellent post from WriteElephant. I often use the Paris Review as source material on Routine Matters.


I like Kindle books. I like the fact that I can make notes and improve my vocabularly thanks to the Kindle’s in-built dictionary. I can also download any number of samples, and store a personal library of reference books and fiction books on a device no bigger than a slim paperback.

I also enjoy looking for books in thrift shops, where my eye is often drawn to the orange spine of a Penguin.


Notable finds have included The West Pier by Patrick Hamilton,  Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, and most recently The PARIS REVIEW Interviews:Writers at Work (3rd Series) …


I was pleased to discover that there are plenty more in the Writers at Work Series to be found …


4th Series — Nabokov and Burgess!


Having just finished reading Herzog (on my Kindle) I began by reading the (May 1965) interview with Saul Bellow

“[…] I do think that a book…

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