Rose Tremain …

Rose Tremain …



Rose Tremain (born 2 August 1943) is an award-winnng English novelist and short story writer. In 2007 she was a featured author in the Guardian’s Writers Rooms series.


Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

“I’ve worked in this study for 21 years. It used to be decorated in muted greys and neutrals, office-style. Then, a few years ago, I rebelled against this and put in the bird wallpaper and the heavy, red and gold fringed curtains and the straw-coloured carpet, and I still feel ridiculously pleased with these changes. The computer desk is an ugly, ancient thing – but I don’t suppose I’ll ever replace it. I’ve written 13 books on it. And I’m the kind of person who can feel sentimental affection for a teak plank. The illuminated globe on the desk helps me remember what a small place Britain is in the vast, teeming world. On my other desk I read and make notes before transferring a piece of work to the computer.”


In a meet-the-author interview for Suffolk Libraries in 2016, she briefly described her writing routine.

“Writing routines vary for every one of us. The most important thing, when I’m working on a novel, is to try to clear the diary of interruptions. This isn’t always easy because talking to audiences about our work has become part of a writer’s life. But my happiest days are those when I can work without being disturbed for six or seven hours.”


Rose Tremain’s website



6 responses to “Rose Tremain …

  1. That wallpaper would drive me potty. I like the look of that wobbly chair by the bookcase, off to the left.

  2. I am coveting her lovely studio… not to mention her writing talent!

  3. Loved this, Chris. Thanks.

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