My Dad, the Typographer


Do sc-fi writers dream of Selectrics in their sleep? Given the amount of time American science fiction and fantasy writer Andrew Jefferson Offutt spent in front of his, he must have done.

andrewjoffuttAndrew J Offutt (August 16, 1934 – April 30, 2013)

Offut published his first novel Evil Is Live Spelled Backwards in 1970. Of interest to the typewriter nerd is Offutt’s description of his habits behind the typewriter at a time when he was busy managing three insurance agencies in three cities:

“On weekends I was in sore need of relaxation. I relaxed in front of the Selectric. (I like the best machinery; the Mercedes and the Selectric are, although the Underwood P-48 and the SCM-250 I had for a year were Bhad Nhews [sic].) In six months of such heavyweight management, capped — and made bearable by — Saturday-and-Sunday writing, I created three short stories and 5½ novels. They started selling.”


Until very recently…

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