Ray’s World!

Here is a post from my friend Colin about his wonderful dog Ray. Ray has a love of routine and … a routine of love. 


A Dog's Life? (Stories of me and him)

Ray’s world here is, ideally, a very stable world in the sense that nothing should ever change! Nothing! Literally nothing! Is that stressed enough?

Ray’s routines have been mentioned in a number of Posts but, thinking about them today, there are so many aspects of his routines that have surprised me.

We know from the Post yesterday that he has a pretty good sense of time, and so he knows approximately when to expect me to start moving around in the morning; what my early morning routine is, and ultimately what time he will get his breakfast.

We know from a Post some time ago now that his breakfast consists of a bowl of food, followed by some rutabaga; followed by a biscuit. Give him his food and his biscuit and he will follow you around for the rest of the day waiting for his rutabaga!

After Ray has had…

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