Penelope Lively …

Penelope Lively …


Penelope Lively (born 17 March 1933) is a British writer of fiction for both children and adults. She has won both the Booker Prize (Moon Tiger, 1987) and the Carnegie Medal for British children’s books (The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, 1973). Her latest work, Dancing Fish and Ammonites, A Memoir, was published in 2013.


She writes in longhand, typing up her work at the end of each day, making small revisions as she goes.

I can’t sit at a desk or a screen on account of a back, so I work with an ancient electronic typewriter on my lap. I can see sideways out of the window – trees and sky and railings and my front doorstep and passers-by, often neighbours and friends. There’s a squashy sofa for visitors opposite my chair; much visiting takes place in my study.

Stuff I need to have to hand is on the tables at each side of me; diary and address book and phone, paper, and the current typescript and the notebooks from which it has sprung. Below the mantelpiece is the book bench – recent arrivals and things waiting to be read.  (Guardian – Writers Rooms 2007)



6 responses to “Penelope Lively …

  1. Lovely post! I’ve always been a great fan💕

  2. I always enjoy these posts, Chris. Thank you. I’ve read at least one of her books,(Moon Tiger) maybe more too, but can I recall the titles?

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