My old typewriter pal …

My old typewriter pal …


I wrote my first three books on a Smith-Corona portable manual typewriter just like this one. 

Number of fingers available : 8
Number of fingers used : 2


I wonder what happened to it. If there is a typewriter heaven then I hope it’s somewhere up there hanging out with the Remingtons and Olympias.

I should mention one of my favourite blogs on WordPress which is dedicated to all things typewriter – – well worth following.


13 responses to “My old typewriter pal …

  1. Oh, what a beautiful thing! When I was about nine or ten my mum brought me a typewriter for Christmas – it was the best present ever. I wrote for hours on it. I love the tap-tap-tapping and the sort of ‘bing’ of the carriage return. Sometimes the tape would get loose or something would get caught somewhere and I’d have to stop for a bit and fiddle with it before tap-tap-tap again. Beautiful, beautiful things!

  2. You can actually get typewriter apps for your PC which makes it sound like a typewriter. I may well get one. 😀

  3. My biggest nightmares are as a result of typing class in High School. Never can get the sound of those keys out of my head. Needless to say I didn’t do well. (kept looking at the keys)

  4. Most useful class everyone had to take at my school was typing class.

  5. I inherited my mother’s 1940s Smith-Corona but not her typing skills 🙂
    Thank goodness for spell-check!

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