My Advice for New Writers by John W. Howell

This is very sensible advice … especially about writing something every day. Thanks John. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mystery Thriller Week

Your book

I was at a book signing the other day, and a person asked me a question that caused me to have to think a little before blurting out an answer. The question was, โ€œWhat should every new writer know?โ€ My answer at the time seemed to satisfy the person asking but after giving it a little more thought I decided that my reply was at best adequate and at worst incomplete. Now thanks to the Mystery Thriller Week I have been given another opportunity to adequately express what I have no come to call My Advice for New Writers that Every New Writer Should Know Before Deciding to Become a Writer. I think you can tell from my title that the thought process has grown from my initial response at the book signing. Also, if you have decided to become a writer no matter what anyone tells you, I wouldโ€ฆ

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3 responses to “My Advice for New Writers by John W. Howell

  1. Very good. I have made notes.

  2. Dear Chris

    Thank you for the great advice. As a writer who must write I appreciate any advice a published writer can give

    Regards Judith

    Sent from my iPad


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