Chuck Palahniuk …

Chuck Palahniuk

Charles “Chuck” Palahniuk is an American novelist and freelance journalist. He is the author of the award-winning novel Fight Club (1996) which also was made into an acclaimed film of the same name.

According to his website he writes whenever he has an idea that demands he puts it on paper before he loses it. Chuck advocates against forcing yourself to write on a schedule, when you are uninspired and uncompelled. The most basic tenet of his writing philosophy can be paraphrased as “shit or get off the pot.”

He writes wherever he finds himself. Chuck is a physical and a social person. He likes to be in motion and he likes to stay involved with people. He sort of dreads the later stages of drafting and the serious research phases that force him to sequester himself away from the world and plant it in front of a computer. Much of Chuck’s early drafting is pen and paper. He recommends taking your early computer drafts with you when you go places, and line editing with a pen–constantly rolling your ongoing experiences into the work.

When you don’t want to write, set an egg timer for one hour (or half hour) and sit down to write until the timer rings. If you still hate writing, you’re free in an hour. But usually, by the time that alarm rings, you’ll be so involved in your work, enjoying it so much, you’ll keep going. Instead of an egg timer, you can put a load of clothes in the washer or dryer and use them to time your work. Alternating the thoughtful task of writing with the mindless work of laundry or dish washing will give you the breaks you need for new ideas and insights to occur. If you don’t know what comes next in the story… clean your toilet. Change the bed sheets. For Christ sakes, dust the computer. A better idea will come.


Chuck Palahniuk website

6 responses to “Chuck Palahniuk …

  1. Super post, Chris. His website is like most (a sale shop) but I do love his work.

  2. Hi there John. Thanks for dropping by. So many author sites these days are just shops. Too commercial and way too professional.

  3. Great post Chris! Its nice to have permission to not feel pressured to write when you feel you can’t squeeze out a single word.

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