I, Writer … #19

I, Writer … #19


Writer’s Block. I rather liked the sound of that so I ordered one on eBay – Β£2.75 + Free postage.

OMG! Cheap or what. I mean, it was coming all the way from bloody China. How they can afford to send something that heavy and not have to charge postage is beyond me. Absolutely insane. The postman had to actually drag it down my garden path and damn near gave himself a hernia. It now takes pride of place on the mantlepiece between my Captain’s Log and my Housemaid’s Knee.

Also, when I visit sunnier climes I’m always sure to pack my handy tube of Writer’s Block. Smother it on. Lie back and enjoy the scenery. It smells like rancid cheese in a sewer rat’s armpit but it certainty does the trick.

I also keep several bottles of Writers Block in the wine cellar.

Gentle on the palate. Easy on the pocket. Plays bloody havoc with everything else. Still, who gives a flying fig after a few glasses of that.

Other types of Writer’s Block are available.


14 responses to “I, Writer … #19

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    Happy Monday folks. This is from my other ramblings over on Routine Matters. Go on. Reblog it. You know you want to. 😁🌹

  2. The last of the Writer’s Blocks is the best. I think I’ll order a case of it.

  3. Hilarious! Where can I purchase? πŸ˜€

  4. Lol, I should get that sunscreen. I love sitting on my patio with my laptop during the summer πŸ˜„

  5. I have visions of postmen all around the world, capsizing after dragging that block. Should give them a bottle of WB to ease their pain.

  6. I did reblog on Growing youngereachday. I know the others will enjoy it too.

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    I have visions of postmen all around the world capsizing after dragging thos blocks up the mountainside to writers’s eeries. Give them each a bottle or two of the plonk.

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