Beth Revis … when perseverance pays off.

Beth Revis … when perseverance pays off.

Beth Revis is a bestselling science fiction and fantasy author, writing mainly for the young adult audience She is best known for the Across the Universe trilogy, which consists of the novels Across the Universe (2011), A Million Suns (2012) and Shades of Earth (2013). 

She is also the author of The Body Electric, numerous short stories, and the nonfiction Paper Hearts series, which aids aspiring writers. Her latest title, A World Without You, is a semi-autobiographical story blending the supernatural with mental illness. She currently resides in rural North Carolina with her family.

Beth wrote ten novels before the eleventh novel she wrote sold. That novel was Across the Universe. It took her a decade and more than a thousand agent rejections before she had any success in publishing.

I recently contacted Beth and she told me a little about her writing life.

I tend to just write wherever I can. I don’t have a dedicated office; I just use my laptop. I work from home and have a two-year-old now, so I write whenever, however. I never worked well with schedules. I’m much more likely to write until my fingers hurt one day, then take the next day off. The closer to deadline, the more obsessive I am, but I still tend to go in big bursts followed by nothing for a bit.

I use, Keyboard for drafting, pen and paper for brainstorming and working out problems. Do I have any strange work habits ?
I don’t think so, but then again I don’t think anything I do is strange 🙂 That said, I’ve recently really come to embrace that every book is written differently. My first books, I didn’t outline. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different processes. Each book comes out in a different manner.



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