You will no doubt be delighted to learn that I’m not making anything up here! Most of what you read on Routine Matters was gleaned from the internet of course and from books, newspapers and magazine articles. The original source of web material can sometimes be hard to track down as content is often widely distributed around the internet and many things end up far beyond their original realm. schoolboy with open book on white background. Isolated 3D image

Wherever possible I try to credit the authors of the resources I’ve used as I think this is only right and proper.  Hopefully I get most of it right as I think due acknowledegment is important.

4 responses to “Resources

  1. Well done, Chris. BTW where are you?

  2. Hi Judith. Thanks for your kind comment. I live on the seashore at Troon on the west coast of Scotland. 🐟🐟😊

  3. Cheryl J Kuhn

    Hello Chris,
    I also live on a coast – the coast of Delaware USA. Your site is amazing. This is the first time in my life I have actually had ample time to read & think. There are several cartoons on your website that I would like to use for a personal flyer about helping people organize their offices. Would I be able to have permission to use any of them? Cheryl K.

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