About Routine Matters

One of my literary heroes is the late great Roald Dahl …

PKT3044-2082851979Roald Dahl.
He wrote … My work routine is very simple. And it’s always been the same, for the last forty-five years. I go out to my writing hut at ten o’clock in the morning, and I stop at twelve. In the afternoon, I return for another two hour session from four to six. I have a comfortable chair, I’ve got a writing desk. It’s got on it dark green billiard cloth which is very soft on the eyes. I put a roll of corrugated paper under it so that it’s exactly at the right angle. I have an old leather trunk, filled with blocks of wood, to put my feet on. Once you’re in here, you can lose yourself in your work. It is my little nest, my womb.


I have always been fascinated by the amazing range of routines and rituals so many writers employ as part of their writing day together with their choice of a working environment.
In a wonderful book called The Literary Life & Other Curiosities by Robert Hendrickson, the author begins by quoting the views of two writers on writing …

The fascination of the silent midnight, the veiled lamp, the smouldering fire, the white paper asking to be covered with elusive words; the thoughts grouping themselves into architectural forms, and slowly rising into dreamy structures, constantly changing, shifting, beautifying their outlines, – this is the subtlest of solitary temptations, and the loftiest of the intoxications of genius. ( from The letters of Henry Adams)

or this little gem from the novelist Peter de Vries …

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.

Whatever your point of view I hope you enjoy what follows.

Welcome to Routine Matters


22 responses to “About Routine Matters

  1. thank you for inspiring us to keep at it… you have great content here

  2. Just stopping by from the blog party to check things out. 🙂

  3. This is effing brilliant! I write in the middle of the night usually, every now and then something strikes me during the day. The challenge is being able to stop everything and get it down. It’s usually poetry that gets me…damn poetry I love it but it’s damned inconvenient to stop in the middle of the quad (at school) drop my book bag and scribble.

    Thanks for the follow! I followed back…cuz you seem pretty cool and I am pretty cool. Haha have a great day!

    • Fantastic. Yes I am reasonably cool I hope.I look forward to reading your work. Don’t stay up writing too late. But hey… you’re young so just do it. What the heck.Scribbling is great.If you have a cell phone then just record your thoughts on that. All the very best.

  4. Hey Chris! I like this blog! (I get up at 4 am when a new book starts and I have insomnia until I get a draft done)

    • Thank you so much.I am impressed by 4am start! I’ll go and look at your blog. All the very best and keep up the good work.Oh … make sure you get quality rest time and … always wear sunscreen. 😊

  5. I have been complaining about my schedule, when my wife asked when I was most at peace writing…at night. Ok, she said, so take a nap during the day and your sleep evens out…duh!

    I do so love the peace of nightime from midnight to around 3am.

    • Hi. I shall think of you as a night owl then. I like it that you find that peace to write at that time. An understanding wife certainly helps as well.I prefer a day routine myself but when I’m really working hard I just grab sleep and the energy seems to flow. All the very best.

  6. Hello! I wanted to acknowledge some great blogs so I made a blog award and nominated you! The blog award is called the average ordinary bloggers award ~for ordinary people with above average blogs~ the details are here:

    Have fun with this!

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  8. And now we have computers – much less romantic. What a fascinating blog! Pleased to meet you, Chris, and thanks for the follow, I shall certainly reciprocate. Marina

  9. Love your style. Haven’t quite worked out a schedule yet, but I keep trying.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  10. Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. I reckon that schedules are ultimately a matter of self-disipline. Hard to maintain most of the time. Good luck. We’ll both make it. Stay in touch.

  11. I am intrigued by the photo. I have no schedule— just write too much— but I truly believe the pain in the back of my neck is a result of sitting wrong. He had the right idea, so I just need to tweek my work area to work with a computer.

    • Hi.Many thanks for your follow. Keep coming back.
      It is difficult to be comfortable when writing.
      Some folk say it’s best not to be too comfortable anyway.
      All the best.

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