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Mr Dahl & Mr Fox …

Mr Dahl & Mr Fox …

Fantastic Mr Dahl

Fantastic Mr Fox

My old typewriter pal …

My old typewriter pal …


I wrote my first three books on a Smith-Corona portable manual typewriter just like this one. 

Number of fingers available : 8
Number of fingers used : 2


I wonder what happened to it. If there is a typewriter heaven then I hope it’s somewhere up there hanging out with the Remingtons and Olympias.

I should mention one of my favourite blogs on WordPress which is dedicated to all things typewriter – – well worth following.

Zzz … writer at work

Zzz … Writer at work


Pencil me in …

Pencil me in …

Paper and Pencil_kindlephoto-194899750





Number 6 was a driven man …

Number 6 was a driven man …


One of my all-time heroes is the late great actor Patrick McGoohan. He was well-known for playing secret agent John Drake in the 1960s British television series Danger Man and for starring in films such as Ice Station Zebra (1968) and Braveheart (1995). But he will be forever associated with the iconic 1960s TV masterpiece The Prisoner in which he played the title role as well as being the creator and driving force behind it.


Patrick McGoohan had a punishing and self-imposed schedule while working on The Prisoner. The schedule for the exterior work, shot on location at Portmeirion, North Wales was 8am to 10pm. McGoohan himself, now in his late thirties, was continually working a 16 hour day. He was a very early riser and his day began with a 5.30am run along the beach.


Interior scenes were filmed at MGM studios, Borehamwood.
He lived in nearby Mill Hill. He worked alll day, early morning to 7.30pm. Then he had a game of squash, a few drinks and was back home for 10pm. He went to bed around midnight, got up again at 3am to write correspondence, letters or scripts before returning to bed for an hour and was back at the studios about 7am.

One weekend he filmed interior scenes at MGM until 7pm on Friday, drove up to Portmeirion, worked all day Saturday, drove back at 9.30pm, reaching his office at 4am on Sunday, did some paperwork and returned home for breakfast. Now that’s dedication for you! And the result was one of the best series in the history of television.


You might not write well every day …

You might not write well every day …


Paper and Pencil

Writing is easy …

Writing is easy …