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Way back in April 2015, Bic Biro (Codename: BIROO7), that stalwart of MI6’s Stationery Department, made his WordPress debut. Since then he has had two further adventures and another is currently in the making.

Click on the links below to read Bic’s first outing.

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 8)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 8)

Last time we saw our hero free himself from BIG KNIB’s clutches and dash across the control room where he saw a very tempting looking button …

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Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 7)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 7)

Last time we left our hero in the clutches of evil billionaire, Alphonso Ferrari on his island fortress off the coast of Spain.

Yours will be the hand that pushes the launch button. You BIC BIRO will be the pen that destroys London. Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!


The whole control room was filled with Ferraro’s maniacal laughter.

Oh for God’s sake. Get a grip! You are a disgrace to biro-kind.

Sorry. It’s just that you crack me up!

Bic Biro glanced over towards BIG KNIB

Your boss has got a screw loose if you ask me. Nut job.

BIG KNIB immediately went over and grabbed hold of him.

Not too rough BIG KNIB. We still want Mr Biro fit to … SET THINGS OFF for us. Show him the ROCKET LAUNCH BUTTON!


It’s lovely. Thanks for showing me but I really must be going.

But forgive me Mr Biro. I’m completely forgetting my manners.  Allow me to offer you some light refreshment before you destroy London for me. 

BIG KNIB pushed him towards another part of the control room.

What kind of fiendish device is this you devilish swine!


It’s just a vending machine. Help yourself. I’m not completely heartless you know. Keep a close eye on him Big Knib. We don’t want our guest stealing all the crisps.

Bic felt his already vice-like grip tighten on him as he pressed for some COFFEE. 

Hmmm, very nice. Hot and strong. Just the way I like it.  Fancy a sip ?

Bic suddenly threw the entire contents of the coffee cup into BIG KNIB’s face. BIG KNIB howled in pain. Bic seized his opportunity and was able to pull himself free. He spotted something on the other side of the room and ran towards it …



Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 6)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 6)

Our hero has landed by parachute on La Isla El Blotto, location of BLOT’s secret rocket base. He has just met the evil Alphonso Ferraro’s delectable girlfriend, Penny Lush. We now pick up the story as Bic is staring at the kneecaps of her enormous and brutish looking bodyguard, BIG-KNIB. He was in deep trouble. A charm offensive was his only option.


 So you’re called BIG KNIB. Such a pretty name.

BIG KNIB picked Bic up by the scruff of his biro neck.

Shut yer bleedin’ mouth smart-arse. I’m taking you to see Mr Ferraro. 

Bic smiled at Penny who just waved and continued sipping her cocktail under the palm-tree.

See you later gorgeous.

Bye handsome. 


They made their way through a maze of gradually downward sloping tunnels. BIG KNIB clomped clumsily along with Bic flung over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. After a while the tunnnels led out into a massive subterranean cave. BLOT operatives scurried around everywhere. In the centre was a rocket and the bomb was just being hoisted up to sit on its nose.


A loudspeaker clicked on and a sinister voice spoke …

Ah, good. I see that our visitor has arrived. Bring him up to the control room BIG KNIB.

Bic was dragged up a flight of steps and was greeted by Alphonso Ferraro himself. 


So you’re the famous Bic Biro. We meet at last. Are you really the very best that MI6 can offer! What fools you are to think you can come up against the forces of BLOT. 

I fully intend to blow you and your rocket-base to kingdom come, you treacherous swine. You will never destroy London!

Oh, you are such a funny pen, Bic Biro. Laugh at the funny pen, BIG KNIB … before you feed him to … THE SHARKS!!!

BIG KNIB’s enormous shoulders shook with laughter.

And those sharks are very hungry, boss. Starving!


I hate to spoil the fun but something has just occured to me. A slight problem. A bit of a plot-hole really. Rather embarrassing.

What ?

No. You’re OK. It’s probably nothing. Forget I mentioned it.


Well, I was thinking. Do sharks actually eat biros ?  

They eat a varied and balanced diet. I am sure that the occasional biro would be OK. I’ve read up on it. I’m somewhat of an expert on these matters you know.

Fine. Go ahead. You just get BIG NUTS here to throw me in then. And to hell with the consequences.

And what if I don’t want to throw you in!

But I absolutely insist you throw me in.

No. I’m running this show. I’ve changed my mind. You can stay here with me. Yours will be the hand that pushes the launch button. You BIC BIRO will be the pen that destroys London. Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!


Missing you already …


Bic Biro is having a few days off. Another thrilling instalment of Rollerball will appear next week. Meanwhile, here is a message from the Biro himself …


Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 5)


Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (Part 5)

Warning: This episode may contain traces of nuts.

Bic Biro now has his latest mission. He is to proceed with utmost haste to La Isla el Blotto, a small island off the coast of Spain, owned by the evil billionaire Alphonso Ferraro. Once there he must locate the secret rocket launching site and disarm the atomic bomb currently aimed at London.


Bic Biro found his old car parked in the street just outside MI6’s headquarters. There wasn’t a moment to be lost. Every second counted if he was to save London.


He drove at breakneck speed through the busy streets and made his way to the airport where a military jet was waiting for him on the main runway.


Less than an hour later Bic Biro, pride of MI6’s stationery department, was floating down at the end of his parachute  towards La Isla el Blotto. 


The moonlit shores of the island rushed up to meet him and he was down. He looked around. Under a palm tree sat a beautiful pink lady-pen sipping a cocktail. She was absolutely gorgeous. Bic went over to talk to her. 


Hi. What’s that you’re drinking ?

Sex on the beach.

Well I’m certainly game if you are!

No silly. That’s the name of my cocktail.

My name is Bic Biro. You’ve probably heard of me.

Can’t say that I have. I’m Lush. Penny Lush.

Yes, you certainly are!

I’m Alphonso Ferraro’s girlfriend.

That’s interesting. I’d quite like to meet him.

Bic suddenly felt the ground shake as another figure joined them. He was enormous and built like a tank.


This is BIG KNIB. He’s my bodyguard. BIG KNIB, this is Bic Biro. He just dropped in here by parachute and says he wants to have sex with me.

Bic had a strange feeling that things were about to get interesting …

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 4)

Bic Biro in … ROLLERBALL (part 4)


Fluffy the Kitten presents





The following morning Bic Biro was back in ‘M’ ‘s office at MI6’s stationery office. ‘M’ was sounding quite pleased for once.

Your hunch was correct, Biro07. They are map coordinates.
It’s a tiny island off the coast of Spain, known to the locals as La Isla El Blotto. It is owned by the eccentric billionaire, Alfonso Ferraro. He is a known BLOT sympathiser who bankrolls many of their darkest machinations. This is the picture we have of him on our files. 


But he’s a biro! He’s a traitor to all biro-kind.

He has no moral scruples whatsoever.

Have BLOT been in contact again ?

Yes. They have given us a deadline. We have 24 hours to accede to their demands – 20 billion pounds and Kate Upton’s telephone number. Otherwise, they will reduce London to a  pile of irradiated rubble. 


You’ve got to get me in there!

Are you talking about Miss Upton again ? 

‘M’ really!  I was referring to La Isla El Blotto. 

Yes, of course. We’ll parachute you in under cover of darkness. You will have to disarm the atomic bomb and destroy the rocket launching base. As for Alfonso Ferraro – well, I’ll leave that decision to you. A submarine will be waiting for you when your mission is complete.

There was a knock at the door. A rather quirky looking pen entered the room. It was ‘Q’, MI6’s eccentric gadgets and weapons expert.


Hello Biro07, I have some new gadgets for you to try out on your mission.


Er … Very nice, but not my size.


Don’t need one!


Cheap and tacky.


Out of the bloody arkdwwtcg95126Now you’re just taking the piss!


Hang on a minute. Aren’t you Nigel from packing ?

I’ve been on a conversion course. I am now Nigel the exploding pen. I’ll explode right now if you want me to.

‘M’ and ‘Q’ both dived under the desk. Bic just smiled.

Look I don’t need all this stuff. Really I don’t. Not even you Nigel. All I need are my wits, my ravishing good looks and a rivetingly good but ever so slightly improbable storyline that always gets me out of trouble.

Have it your way, Biro07. Your old car is right outside the building. You will drive through the streets of London at breakneck speed until you arrive at the City Airport where a military jet is waiting for you on the runway.

Well, I’d better be off then.

London needs you Biro07. Britain needs you. Kate Upton needs … an older man’s wisdom and experience. 

I won’t let you down.

God speed Bic Biro.

As Bic made his way down the stairs there came a muffled explosion from ‘M’ s office followed by ‘M’ s angry voice.

Oh for Christ’s sake, Nigel! I didn’t ask for a bloody demonstration. Get him out of here ‘Q’ !