Just Pencil me in Mr Dahl …

article-2310571-1963CA81000005DC-388_306x468Author Roald Dahl wrote using yellow Ticonderoga pencils. He began using them, along with yellow lined legal pads, whilst living in the U.S. and upon returning home to Britain had them specially shipped over for use in his writing hut. He kept them in a tiny Toby jug by his side. There had to be six … always six. He would go to the hut at about 10am and would sharpen all six pencils with an electric pencil sharpener. He would say when all six needed sharpening again he knew he’d been writing for about two hours.


Roald Dahl in his writing hut.

Roald Dahl was buried with some of his favourite things which included chocolate, red wine, , a power saw, his snooker cues, and the HB pencils which served him so well in his writing shed.


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